Licensed Massage Therapy Tailored SPECIFICALLY To Your Needs

Massage therapy is provided by Derek Steinle, who is a licensed massage therapist in Georgia. Each and every aspect of your visit will be tailored specifically to your needs, to ensure you receive the best possible experience and results.

Massage therapy is highly effective for much more than just relaxation.

Massage Therapy For Pain Relief

With the baby boomers aging, there has been a recent increase in the desire for pain relief of common pain syndromes such as low back pain, hip pain, and shoulder/neck pain.

Massage therapy is a PERFECT treatment for these problems, which can either slowly or rapidly take control of your life.

Massage Therapy As A Preferable Alternative to Medications And/Or Surgery

At Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we believe, along with the majority of the medical community, that prescription medication and surgery should be a LAST resort when it comes to your health.

If it is possible that massage therapy can help you avoid these unnatural options, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to find a massage therapist who is well equipped to help you get better.

Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Massage is also highly useful for anxiety and stress relief. It is also beneficial in maintaining relaxed and flexible pain-free muscles and joints while increasing your fitness level.

A Massage Therapist Who Can Help No Matter What Your Goals

At Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center we have one of the most highly regarded massage therapists in the area, who will help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals, from deep relaxation to relief from debilitating pain.

Call us now at 706-738-7731 to book an appointment and to take advantage of our introductory offer of $40 for one hour. We also have package pricing.

Also, if you are in a hurry or it is after our normal business hours, feel free to fill out our “Quick and Convenient” Contact Form and we will get back to you.

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