Steps to a Yoga Career

Steps to a Yoga Career

Yoga has been a form of exercise and meditation for thousands of years since its creation in India. Many people have taken this up as part of their fitness and lifestyle routine for the benefits and stress reduction it provides. Then there are a few individuals who have taken their love of the art to a yoga career as a future instructor.

In the last ten years there has been a dramatic growth in this practice with publications and classes easily doubling. The range of styles from a meditative to very active approach allows individuals to find a class that meets their temperament. Combine this with variations that focus on infants to seniors and several other groups and it can be seen that there are many opportunities for the future yoga instructor.

The first step is to become a registered yoga instructor which is most often done through the yoga alliance or other certified program. This training provides at least 200 hours in instruction and is considered the minimum requirement for teaching yoga at most locations. Many locations offer this training so look over a couple of programs before you pick your future training program.

Examine the training program with the same intensity you would any other educational program. Make sure it provides a strong foundation for learning the techniques you need to learn. In addition does it provide you the training you need to become a teacher in the subject.

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Once the training program is completed an individual can look at several options on where to work. Schools and fitness centers may need trainers and would provide a good initial path for the beginning trainer. Studio space at an established center is another possibility for a new instructor. Then the last option would be for instructors to open up their own studio or business.

Once the instructor has some experience in teaching the art the next step would be to look at getting specialized training. Teaching youth or sport rehabilitation are two areas that have the potential to raise extra income. Individual or specialty classes could also be added to the future business plan of the instructor.

Some additional skills that would help the future instructor for a teaching career would be marketing and public speaking. Marketing would help the studio renter or the independent instructor get the word out about his business. Public speaking would be an aid in the presentation of their material to the students they are teaching. Some training programs would provide the basics of these skills or these skills could be learned through an adult education or junior college program.

People have flocked to this practice as a way to reduce stress and build fitness in a fast paced world. Some take this into a yoga career where they can teach others the skills of this art. With a bit of planning, a person can take the steps and start a career in this rewarding profession. Find a good training program, figure out where you want teach, and then plan to learn new areas and skills for the future.

Steps to a Yoga Career

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