3 Benefits of Massage After a Workout

In the past, professional massage therapy services have been associated with individuals who sought to experience physical relaxation or relief from pain. However, in recent years, many have discovered that receiving a post-workout massage is highly beneficial to their physical well-being, mental well-being, and their general recovery.

In fact, the benefits are so immense that most professional athletes and those that place an emphasis on experiencing optimal health have included these massage services as a critical component to the health program in which they participate.

If you want to experience a natural boost to your health, continue reading to learn how massage therapy can benefit you.

Benefit #1: Drastic Reduction in Physical Injuries

The main culprit behind injuries that occur while working out is stiffness in the joints and the muscles. Massage therapy is highly beneficial in optimizing your body’s general level of flexibility. It increases the circulation of both blood and oxygen throughout the body; therefore, relaxing the joints and the muscles.

If you work out on a regular basis, it is imperative that your body is prepared for both the workout and the after effects of the workout. Massage aids in this and helps prevent potentially devastating injuries from occurring while working out or immediately thereafter – when the body is in its most vulnerable state.

Benefit #2: Decrease in Inflammation

Regardless of who you are and how physically fit you are, a workout will cause mild to moderate amounts of inflammation to the body. This is because – in most instances – the strain of the workout is interpreted by the body as being damaged.

The white blood cells will zoom in on the areas that have been worked in an attempt to provide healing. In turn, this protective natural reaction results in inflammation.

Once inflammation occurs, it is quite likely that you will experience some degree of discomfort. Massage will reduce this inflammation; therefore, increasing your comfort levels, post-workout.

Benefit #3: Toxin Reduction

When you engage in a workout, the body accumulates a toxin known as lactic acid. This is especially true if the workout is intense. The body has to use oxygen to successfully break down glucose in order to create energy.

If there are only low amounts of oxygen available, lactate is created. This is then used to create energy. Unfortunately, it accumulates in the blood much faster than it can be burned off in the form of energy. This is referred to as the “lactate threshold”.

You may experience muscle soreness, nausea, and even high levels of fatigue when this happens. A massage will help to break up the lactic acid that has formed in the body. This will help you feel better, faster.

If you work out on a regular basis and place an emphasis on being as healthy as possible, it is essential that you add massage therapy to your health regimen. Not only will this help you physically, it will complement each workout to ensure your overall safety. For more information, you may contact us today by calling: 706-738-7731