3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Stay Healthy This Summer

Now that summer has arrived, most of us are pulling out our swimwear, gearing up for our vacations, and getting the grills ready for outdoor cooking, socializing, and fun. However, a lot of the summer activities that we engage in have the potential to put our health at risk.

Who can avoid the temptation of taking a dip in the cool waters of a luxurious pool underneath the rays of the gorgeous sun? How can one avoid the urge to sink their teeth into a freshly-grilled burger or indulge in those deliciously-cool ice cream sundaes?

As tempting and exciting as these things are, they can have a direct negative impact on our health. Continue reading to learn a few simple steps that can help you stay as healthy as possible this summer.

Step #1: Reduce Exposure to Ultraviolet Rays

During the summer months, it is common to be outdoors more. This increases your exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Additionally, many opt to expose themselves to tanning booths and/or sunlamps – which also emit ultraviolet rays. According to statistics, UV rays cause more skin cancers than any other substance or any other type of exposure.

Bypass the tanning salons. When outdoors, wear protective clothing, hats, protective eyewear, and a broad-spectrum sunscreen that you reapply every couple of hours.

Limit exposure between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. By taking these steps, you will be protecting your health and reduce the appearance of aging.

Step #2: Increase Your Water Intake

During the hot summer months, the body requires more fluids. This is to counteract the higher levels of humidity in the air and the excessive heat.

Water helps to optimize the functionality of the body. It also helps in regulating the temperature of the body and eliminating waste.

Failure to increase fluid intake could result in dehydration, bladder issues, kidney problems, and the onset of heat-related illnesses.

Step #3: Adjust Your Diet

The summer months are typically very active months. Your diet should be adjusted to accommodate for both the additional activity and the increased temperatures.

You should place an emphasis on eating foods that are considered to be “light”, yet cooling and refreshing. Seafood, protein, and foods that contain water are considered to be ideal for summer.

Examples include fruits that are fresh, juices derived from vegetables, fish, salads, seeds, nuts, yogurt, and beans.

We Can Help

We all anticipate the summer months. This time of year offers many exciting events and activities that may be pursued. While most of these will provide a boost to our health, there are many that may be detrimental to our health.

We here at Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center know and understand this. That is why we are here to help. We offer many activities and services that can help you reach your absolute best.

Be it nutritional advice, direction on physical activities that may be pursued during the summer, chiropractic services, or even massage services – we can help. For more information, you may contact us today by calling: 706-738-7731