Chiropractic Care Found to Be Beneficial for Those Suffering from Cervical Vertigo

Cervical vertigo – which is also referred to as “cervicogenic dizziness” – is a neck-based issue that results in the sufferer feeling as if they are either spinning or the environment that they are located in is spinning. There are many underlying issues that could contribute to the development of this issue.

Examples include neck disorders, poor posture of the neck, and/or a trauma that has directly impacted the cervical spine, such as whiplash. It most often happens when the neck is moved and may detrimentally impact one’s concentration level or balance.

In recent years, it has been established that chiropractic care is highly beneficial to those with cervical vertigo. Continue reading to learn more about this medical condition and its treatment.

The Symptoms

Individuals that have cervical vertigo may suffer from many different symptoms. The dizziness that accompanies this medical condition often stems from turning the head and movements of the neck. The following outlines the most common symptoms experienced by patients:

  • Many may find that they suffer from pain and discomfort in the neck.
  • Due to the neck’s proximity to the head, many experience headaches.
  • The spinning sensation is known to result in nausea. In severe cases, this could lead to the onset of vomiting bouts.
  • The ears may hurt or the patient may experience a ringing sensation in the ears (tinnitus).
  • One’s balance may be detrimentally impacted.
  • The patient may experience varying degrees of weakness.


Generally speaking, the treatment for cervical vertigo will depend on what is causing the issue. In many instances, doctors will prescribe medications that will aid in reducing tightness within the neck and eliminate pain. Drugs may be prescribed that aid in reducing dizziness.

Examples of medications that are commonly used to treat cervical vertigo include muscle relaxants, analgesics, and anti-dizziness pills. Physical therapy may be prescribed in order to boost the range of motion of the neck. This form of therapy also helps in improving the balance.

Stretching exercises, posture techniques, and balance exercises are commonly prescribed. If the risk is low, manipulation of the neck and spine may be performed to aid in decreasing symptoms.

Chiropractic Care

A licensed chiropractic may perform the manipulation of the neck and the spine in order to treat cervical vertigo. This is often used in conjunction with massage therapy in order to provide the highest level of benefit to the patient.

While considered to be a treatable medical issue, not having the proper guidance could result in the worsening of symptoms in patients that have been diagnosed with cervical vertigo.

Whether diagnosed or not, if neck pain, dizziness, and related issues start developing, it is advised that medical care be sought immediately.

We here at Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center offer many different chiropractic techniques and wellness services that may be of immediate benefit to cervical vertigo sufferers.

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