How Your Spine Benefits from Swimming

Regardless of your fitness level or age, swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise for those that have an interest in optimizing their physiological and psychological health.

This enjoyable sport not only has the capability of strengthening your muscles, transforming your cardiovascular health, and lifting your spirits, it also has the ability to benefit your spine in numerous ways.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming is considered to be the fourth most popular of all sports activities within the United States.


It is a known fact that most of the high-impact exercises – such as running, weightlifting, and cross training activities – place an excessive amount of strain on the spine.

Swimming – on the other hand – counteracts the negative effects associated with gravity. This is made possible by the buoyancy that occurs within the water.

In essence, the water actually supports the entire body – especially the spine. The water helps to decrease the weight that is placed on the spine. The buoyancy allows for the freedom of movement.

If an individual suffers from weakness, any type of paralysis, joint pain, or restricted mobility, the aquatic environment is ideal for exercising to boost the spinal and general health.


In the aquatic environment, the water offers a high level of resistance to the swimmer.

Combined with the fact that buoyancy takes the weight and strain from the spine and the water creates a highly resistant workout environment, swimming is a perfect activity for building strength in and around the spine.

The following benefits stem from the water resistance that one is subjected to while swimming:

  1. First, the risk that an injury may occur during exercise is drastically reduced. The resistance occurs in multiple directions, which helps to strengthen the strength of the muscles in the core of the body and near the spine.
  2. It takes more energy to push the body through water than it does outside of water; therefore, higher amounts of calories are burned, which helps to eliminate potentially compressing layers of fat from around the muscles, bones, and nerves of the spinal column.
  3. The resistance of the water helps to reduce the amount of stress and strain that is on the joints, the bones, and the muscles of the body, allowing individuals to easily perform exercises that they may not be able to perform while on land.

General Benefits

Swimming is a physical activity that is known to strengthen the shoulders, arms, neck, and the back.

Regardless of what type of swimming strokes one engages in, their body will benefit. All of the muscles in these areas help to support the spine.

This results in better posture levels, optimal balance, and less stress on the spine.

Swimming is a sport that provides maximum benefits to the health. Combined with chiropractic treatment services, swimming has the capability of producing life-altering effects.

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