Is My Spine Out of Alignment? 5 Signs You Have a Problem

The spine is a highly complex structure which involves a multitude of components that make it possible for each of us to perform movements. However, despite its positive contributions to our lives, it is also highly susceptible to experiencing dysfunction.

One of the most common issues that may develop with the spine is misalignment. This is professionally deemed “spinal subluxation”. A misalignment of the spine commonly occurs as a result of the forces that impact it. These may be physical, chemical, and even emotional.

Examples include experiencing a fall, a calcium deficiency, and the tension experienced during stress. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself, “Is my spine out of alignment?” Continue reading to learn 5 signs that you are suffering from spinal subluxation.

Sign #1: Your Range of Motion is Limited

If you have a spinal misalignment, you may find that your range of motion is now limited. In most instances, you will discover that you are unable to move your back or head as easily as you once did.

However, these are not the only areas of the body that may suffer from a limited range of mobility when dysfunction occurs within the spine. Other areas that may be impacted may include your arms, your hips, as well as your legs.

Anytime that you suffer from issues with your range of mobility, it is critical that you make an appointment with either your primary care provider or a chiropractor in order to determine and address the underlying cause.

Sign #2: You Experience Unusual Sensations

If you have a misaligned spine, it is common to experience unusual sensations throughout the body. These include numbness, tingling, feelings that are similar to pins or needles on your skin, or feeling as though an insect is biting or stinging you, yet, nothing is present.

All of these signs stem from irritated or compressed nerves. By visiting a chiropractor, the professional will be able to identify which nerves of the spine are impacted based on the location of the unusual sensations and will be able to help in relieving the pressure on the nerves to eliminate the symptoms.

Sign #3: You Suffer from Pain

If you have a spinal misalignment, you will experience pain. The most common regions of the body that are impacted by pain that stems from the spine are the head, the back, and the joints.

You may find that this pain comes on suddenly. Many individuals will find that they suddenly start experiencing migraines, though they had never previously been a headache sufferer.

Others may start to find that their back hurts – even with the slightest movements. If you experience any pain, you should consult with a chiropractor. They will be able to perform a quick evaluation to determine if a spinal misalignment is causing the issue.

If so, they will be able to quickly resolve the issue, without your having to pursue medical treatments such as potentially addictive pain pills, physical therapy, or surgery.

Sign #4: You Get Sick Often

If you have a spine misalignment, it can have a detrimental impact on the communication that occurs between your body and your immune system.

As a result, your immune response will be very poor and you may find that you are constantly sick. You may experience allergic reactions more frequently, you may get colds more often, you may find yourself plagued with a constant bout of infections, and feelings of general malaise.

If this sounds familiar, it is time for a chiropractor. They can quickly get your spine aligned, resulting in highly noticeable positive results, in terms of your immune response.

Sign #5: You Experience Joint Stiffness

When the back becomes misaligned, it can result in stiffness in the joints. In most instances, this stiffness will be felt in the neck, the back, and the hips.

A chiropractor will help in lining up the spine, provide information on avoiding the effects caused by tension, and may even educate you on how to reduce the inflammatory response of your body so that you do not experience joint stiffness as often.

We Can Help

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