Maintaining Mental and Physical Wellness While Staying Home Due to the Coronavirus

Generally speaking, we should all place a special focus on our nutrition, staying physically active, and our mental health on a day-to-day basis. Now that most of us are in a position where we must stay at home more because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, it is more critical – than ever before – to place a high emphasis on our mental and physical wellness.

Staying calm, maintaining and even boosting your physical health, and soothing the mind are all essential strategies for successfully making it through the social distancing requirements as put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Continue reading to learn effective strategies for becoming the best version of yourself during even the worst of situations.

Commit to Being Physically Active on a Daily Basis

Movement is known to reduce your risk for developing serious underlying health conditions, lengthening your lifespan, and drastically improving your general health. While it is true that the gyms, dance studios, and yoga centers are closed at this time, there are several other strategies that you may utilize in order to boost your health.

Medical professionals and those that specialize in virology and epidemiology have confirmed that individuals may continue to go outdoors and engage in physical activities such as walking, jogging, bicycling, and yoga. The trick is, simply maintain a distance of at least six feet from others.

By getting outside, your body is not only reaping the benefits of any physical activities that you engage in, but it is also reaping the rewards of increasing your Vitamin D levels from the exposure you have to the sun!

While many centers may be closed, many are now offering virtual exercise, virtual dance, and virtual yoga classes. It does not matter if you are engaging in everyday activities like walking, cleaning, or even doing outdoor chores, if you are putting yourself through an at-home workout, or you are dancing around your living room, your mental and physical health will experience a boost!

Nutrition is Essential

Food is quickly flying off of the shelves. Supply chains have been interrupted due to plant closures. Demand is high and supply is becoming low.

While it is important to stock up on the essentials and non-perishables, it is also important to ensure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are several that will remain good while stored in or outside the freezer.

Examples include sweet potatoes, broccoli, and peppers. Make sure you stock up on items that are high in protein, low in saturated fats and salts, have low sugar content, and other items that will sustain you.

Relaxation is a Must

To provide a boost to your mental health, it is important that you take the time to relax. There are several methods of accomplishing this goal. You may engage in meditation and yoga – both of which only need a small amount of space.

You may schedule more hours of sleep during the night and even a brief nap during the day. You can engage in virtual-based mindfulness sessions. You can engage in activities that you find relaxing.

These may include reading, writing, or even binge-watching that show you just cannot get enough of – the choice is yours!

Essential Components of Self

Your mental health and your physical health are the two main essential components to who you are – as a person. Regardless of whether you have been forced into quarantine, encouraged to stay at home by local officials, or have been pushed into working at home by your employer, there are many activities that you may engage in to provide a cognitive and physiological boost to yourself.

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