Massage Therapy Offers Many Benefits for Those Suffering from Chronic Pain

It is normal for people to experience an occasional bout of pain at some point throughout their lives; however, pain that is experienced for three months or longer is abnormal. This is identified among medical professionals as “Chronic Pain”.

Long-term pain not only impacts your physical health, it can be detrimental to your mental health, too. The sensation of pain stems from messages being transported through your nervous system.

Typically, pain will subside and the messages or signals will stop; however, the nervous system signals continue to fire in those that suffer from chronic pain. If you experience constant pain and have yet to experience complete relief, you are sure to find it with massage therapy.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a form of scientific-based manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. The purpose and intent of this form of therapy is to normalize the tissues. Manual techniques are used to achieve success.

These include applying fixed pressure, movable pressure, holding, or causing the soft tissues to move with intent. Massage therapy positively impacts the circulation of the blood through the body, improves the flow of lymph throughout the body, reduces tension that is present within the muscles, stimulates and/or sedates the nervous system, and enhances the process of healing throughout the tissues of the body.

What Chronic Pain Does to the Body

When you experience chronic pain, the body becomes tense and is unable to relax. When this happens, it cannot go through the process of regenerating itself. Additionally, you start to experience stress, high levels of irritability, and may even find yourself extremely upset.

When you combine these reactions to the physical pain in which you are suffering, the chronic pain takes a high toll – both physically and emotionally.

The Relief of Physical Symptoms

In order to experience relief from the physical symptoms of chronic pain, massage therapy is imperative. Muscles will tighten up in an attempt to protect the area that the body deems “injured”. This, in turn, increases the amount of pain that you experience.

Massage therapy helps to loosen the deep tissues. As a result, pain is relieved. Studies have indicated that individuals who receive massage therapy for several weeks claimed that, by the end of the treatment, their pain was nearly all gone or completely gone.

In comparison, only 4% of those that depended on medication intervention for chronic pain for the same amount of time experienced relief from the physical symptoms associated with their chronic pain.

Emotional Benefits

Individuals that had massage therapy performed to experience relief from the physical symptoms associated with their chronic pain also experienced other benefits. One was that they were able to sleep much better.

Next, were the emotional benefits. These included the release of emotions that they had pent up, a reduction in anxiety levels, and an increased feeling of well-being.

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