The Benefits of Massage for the Elderly

As we age, our bodies experience many changes. These include the weakening of the bones, the loss of muscle density, the development of stiffness in the joint, pain, and the potential for the development of certain health conditions.

Examples include arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. As a result, remaining physically active, taking steps to improve circulation, and relaxing both the mind and body it a critical component to remaining healthy.

One of the most therapeutic measures for aging populations is massage therapy. Learn about the benefits that may be enjoyed by seniors who receive regular massage therapy sessions.

Facts and Figures

The American Massage Therapy Association conducted a survey that concluded that in excess of 9 million different people who were over the age of 55 experienced a total of nearly 40 million massage therapy sessions within a year.

In most instances, these sessions were conducted for medical purposes. Of these people, it was established that many experienced relief from common age-related health conditions.

As a result, those patients found that their quality of life was improved, they had higher levels of energy, and their health drastically improved.

The Benefits

The following outlines the most common benefits associated with massage therapy for aging populations:

  1. Relaxation – One of the most obvious benefits of massage therapy for seniors is that it helps them to relax, both mentally and physically. We all have a stress hormone in our body called “cortisol”. In seniors, the amount of this hormone is often present in larger amounts than in younger adults. Once seniors got a massage, the levels of this hormone decreased immediately. As a result, the patients were able to rest and their bodies were able to experience a sense of rejuvenation.
  2. Quality of Sleep – Many seniors find it difficult to fall asleep, experience sound sleep, and stay asleep long enough for the body to effectively repair itself. After experiencing a massage therapy session, nearly all seniors found it easy to rest and woke up feeling refreshed. In turn, they were able to move around easier, think more clearly, and experience better health.
  3. Improved Healing – As people grow older, they experience more stiffness, tightness, and discomfort in their joints and muscles. They also suffer from an increased number of medical conditions. According to numerous studies, those that received massage therapy were able to heal more quickly from injuries and illnesses. Furthermore, the sessions helped them to overcome limited range of mobility and limited flexibility.


If your loved one is suffering – be it physically, psychologically, or cognitively – you may want to consider signing them up for massage therapy services.

Not only will it help them experience relief from common issues – such as inflammation, joint pain, and stiffness – it has the ability to help them feel better on an emotional level.

In addition to this, it helps improve the cognitive functioning of older adults. If you are ready to help your loved one experience relief from all that ails them, contact us today by calling: 706-738-7731