The Educational Requirements for a Chiropractor Are Immense

In terms of health care professions, the educational and the licensure requirements associated with becoming a doctor of chiropractic care (DC) is considered to be among the most comprehensive and stringent. These professionals must attend a 4-year doctoral-based graduate school that is nationally accredited.

Over 4,200 Hours in a Classroom!

The curriculum that is required for the profession includes – at least – 4,200 hours of time in a classroom, an internship in both a laboratory and a clinical setting, and are required to obtain a state license. In short, most chiropractic care professionals take part in 3 years of undergraduate education and complete their Doctor of Chiropractic care degree in 4 years.

To date, there are a total of 15 different programs for Doctor of Chiropractic on a total of 18 different campuses throughout the United States. These are each fully accredited by the organization known as the Council on Chiropractic Education.

90 Hours of Undergraduate Required BEFORE Chiropractic Training

To be admitted into one of these highly prestigious programs, the aspiring professional must complete – a minimum – of 90 hours of education in an undergraduate program. Then, there are many programs that require the aspiring chiropractor to have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree to be admitted to the DC program.

Each of the schools that offer the programs for chiropractors have very specific requirements regarding to individual’s educational pursuits. In most instances, the courses surround science classes – such as biology, chemistry, and even physics – and the classes that are part of the liberal arts coursework.

Comprehensive Human Body Training

Other classes that are part of the academic requirements for chiropractors include – but, are not limited to – anatomy and physiology, spinal assessment and adjustments, financing a practice, billing procedures and methods, and business management. Chiropractors are trained – comprehensively – on the human body, the spine, and how to own and operate their own practice.

In addition to the education required to become a chiropractor, there are licensing requirements. These vary by state; however, most all states require a chiropractor to do and pass all parts of the examination given by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

There may also be examinations issued that cover the laws of the state that the individual will practice in, additional specialties, and similar tasks. In addition to these licensing requirements, chiropractors will be required to pass a comprehensive background check to ensure that they are considered to be prudent citizens, with no criminal history.

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