Elaine B

My 12 yr old twisted her knee while running in PE. Long story short, 4 ER doctors, 1 orthopedic surgeon, 2 pediatric orthopedic specialist, 3 knee braces, a pair of crutches, multiple X-rays & an MRI all over a 1+month period, my child was still in pain & could barely walk. She missed several days of school and was on the verge on having to be homeschooled. Finally it hit me, Dr Larry! He’s a true gift from God in my book. I have been a patient of his since I was about 12. I stopped by his office on 9/26 & left a message for him to call me. An hour later he was on the phone with me. I explained everything then he began explaining his opinion of what happened & was confident they could help her. He said it with such confidence, something all the other doctors lacked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re great doctors but when everyone of them & I mean every one reviewed her reports & examines her, they all got a puzzled look. Dr Larry recommended I bring her in on Saturday to see his son Dr Brad since he was not going to be in the office. Dr Brad was wonderful. Very professional & knowledgable. He & his dad had discussed my daughter after mine & Dr Larry’s conversation. My daughter went in on crutches & walked out while I carried the crutches. She still has a ways to go but she’s bouncing around the house & feeling great! Thank you Dr Larry & Dr Brad! True Angels on earth sent here to help others!