5 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress This Summer

Most view summer as a time to successfully destress. Backyard barbecues, family vacations, taking a dip in the pool, lazy days at the beach, and social events spent with family and friends are all enjoyable activities.

However, research indicates that the summer months have the potential to be more stressful than any other time during the course of a year. The reasons?

Adjusting to new routines and schedules when school is out, social obligations, planning for vacations, spending money that has been saved to enjoy the weather, and lack of sleep.

Learn 5 easy strategies for relieving stress that you may encounter during the summer.

Strategy #1: Stay Active

During the summer, the weather is fantastic for staying active. Not only that, but you can engage in many activities that you may not be able to participate in during other times of the year.

You can walk, jog, swim, join a gym, play outdoor sports, and a vast array of other activities. The goal is to simply stay active.

Not only is physical activity wonderful for your mood and alleviating stress, it is great for your body, too!

Strategy #2: Put Your Body First

While it may be true that you actually get less sleep during the summer and that has the potential to wear you down, there are other ways that you can help your body.

These include eating the right types of foods and ensuring that you are hydrated. The best foods for the summer months are vegetables and fruits that are fresh and have high amounts of water within them.

Additionally, you should consistently hydrate yourself with water. You should not just drink when you feel thirsty. You should drink throughout the day to replace any fluids that you lose as a result of the high levels of heat during the summer.

Strategy #3: Stay Away from Technological Devices

While it may seem as if all of those electronic devices that you own – be it a smartphone, tablet, reading device, laptop, video game system, or computer – bring you enjoyment, they are also have the potential to result in high levels of stress.

Being “connected” pushes you to worry about things that you should not worry about. Being “disconnected” will allow you to live in the moment, focus on the present, and place an emphasis on the people you are with and the activities that you are indulging.

By staying away from technological devices, you can ensure that you stay away from stress.

Strategy #4: Set Your Priorities

The summer months have the potential to overwhelm anyone – in terms of obligations, events, and activities. It is imperative that you learn to set your priorities and that you stick to those priorities.

If you fail to do this, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed and stressed out; however, by simply creating a plan, sticking to it, and learning to say “no”, you will find that you experience less stress.

Strategy #5: Massage Therapy Services

If you are looking to destress and unwind, consider integrating massage therapy services into your daily, weekly, or monthly regimen. There are several benefits associated with massage for both the body and the mind.

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