Massage Therapy Proves Highly Beneficial to the Elderly

Massage therapy for the elderly – which is medically termed “geriatric massage” – is a special type of massage that is used on seniors to address the specific needs associated with their age group. It involves the use of gentle techniques, passive forms of stretching, and massage accessories – such as oils and lotions – to work the muscles while avoiding the complications that stem from friction involving the skin.

All seniors who have an interest in massage therapy should first receive approval from their medical doctor. Once approved and the massage therapy sessions begin, the older adult will reap many rewards from massage therapy. Continue reading to learn of the main benefits of massage for seniors.

Benefit #1: Stimulation of the Nervous System

When an older adult undergoes massage therapy, neurotransmitters, endorphins, and hormones are released into the body. These all play a role in the stimulation of the nervous system.

In turn, this helps to improve the memory, optimize the function of the immune system, reduce inflammation throughout the body, eliminate headaches, lower stress levels, reduce depression, and optimize the quality of sleep.

Benefit #2: Boosts Circulation

Massage therapy is also beneficial in that it helps to increase circulation throughout the body. As we age, we all experience circulation issues. The circulation of the blood helps in numerous vital functions throughout the body.

It helps to ensure that oxygen is delivered to the brain and all of the other organs in the body. It helps in the development of cells and the growth of cells. It is the driving force behind our overall health.

Poor circulation can lead to numbness, tingling, pain, muscles cramps, heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and complications in movement. To avoid these problems, it is critical for the elderly to participate in massage therapy.

Benefit #3: Improves Balance

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to older adults is the possibility of a fall and other types of injuries sustained as a direct result of balance problems.

In fact, falls are considered the primary reason that seniors experience decreased levels of mobility, lose their independence, and suffer from an accidental death. Massage therapy helps to develop postural stability, reduce blood pressure, and help an older adult have more control over their body.

Benefit #4: Massage Improves Flexibility and General Mobility

As we age, our muscles become more tense and rigid. This – in turn – results in tight joints, hard muscles, and less bone density. By receiving massage therapy, seniors can overcome all of this.

Massage helps to increase blood flow to the tendons, joints, muscles, and bones in the body. It also helps to soften the soft tissues so that movements become easier. Once an older adult is able to move easier, their flexibility increases.

Not only does this boost the physical health of the person, but it also gives them a sense of well-being; therefore, boosting the mental health, too.

Benefit #5: Helps Seniors Connect to Others

All too often, older adults live alone or have limited interaction with others. As people, we all benefit from the power of touch.

When seniors undergo massage therapy, they instantly feel a connection with another person. This – in turn – helps to optimize their happiness levels and relaxes them.

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