Your Back Doesn’t Have to Hurt to Experience the Benefits of a Chiropractor

Many individuals mistakenly believe that one must experience back pain in order to reap the rewards from chiropractic care; however, this is not true. Your back does not have to hurt in order to experience the many advantages of working with a chiropractor.

Much like a physical therapist, chiropractors are in the business of improving their patient’s overall quality of life. Each year, approximately 22 million people receive chiropractic care.

Being that the spine forms the most vital link between the brain and the various other regions of the body and it is an integral component of the central nervous system, chiropractic care may help you in numerous ways.

What is Chiropractic Care?

In order to gain a complete understanding of the benefits that chiropractors offer, you must first understand what chiropractic care is.

It is a special type of medical care that utilizes hands-on forms of manipulation and various other alternative therapies in order to align the musculoskeletal structure of the body, with a special emphasis on the spine.

In doing this, it is believed that the body will be able to properly heal itself, mobility will be restored, and the individual’s general health will be improved.

The Benefits

In most instances, patients will opt for chiropractic care only when they are experiencing pain or limited mobility in the back; however, the spinal manipulation, the tissue massages, and the alternative treatments used by a chiropractor are known to help with a wide variety of issues.

Studies indicate that a chiropractic care session may result in the following health benefits:

  1. An improvement in communication of the nerves within the body.
  2. Relief from pain in the neck and back region.
  3. Improved levels of coordination among joints.
  4. Improved motion of joints.
  5. High physical functioning and overall performance.
  6. Improvements in posture.
  7. Alleviation of pain in the limbs, wrists, and ankles.
  8. Instant relief from disorders that relate to stress and tension.
  9. Reduction of pain and improved functionality of joints affected by arthritis and bursitis.
  10. Improved healing rate and success of injuries.
  11. Reduction of high blood pressure.
  12. Reduction in inflammation throughout the body.
  13. Relief from headaches.
  14. Improvement of the symptoms experienced by those with neurological medical conditions.
  15. Increased blood flow to the brain.
  16. Reduction of symptoms associated with acid reflux.
  17. Fast healing of ear infections.
  18. Recovery from vertigo and dizziness.
  19. Relief from stress, anxiety, and depression.
  20. Improved quality of sleep.

 Let Us Help You Achieve Your Personal Best

We here at Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center are committed to promoting ongoing wellness with each of our patients by improving spinal function and joint function. This results in a healthier lifestyle with higher levels of physical activity.

We focus on balancing your body, improving your flexibility, and ensuring the highest level of functionality for your general health. Everyone – regardless of age – can benefit from the care of a chiropractor in Augusta.

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