Sitting for Prolonged Periods of Time Results in Many Negative Effects on the Back

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of sitting and the health. In recent years, medical professionals have determined that sitting for prolonged periods of time can result in more serious health effects than those experienced by individuals that engage in using tobacco products.

Sitting for large amounts of time each day contribute to living a sedentary lifestyle. This activity – due to its lack of physical activity – has been directly linked to chronic health conditions, the onset of disease, and serious implications associated with the spine health.

While our society and the technological advancements and job requirements of our time encourage sitting and periods of inactivity, chiropractors and medical doctors discourage prolonged sitting due to the negative effects it has on the body – especially the back.

Basic Figures and Findings

Research has found that approximately 70% of all people in the United States spend a minimum of six hours a day sitting. In some instances, these individuals exceed six hours a day in the sitting position. There has been a direct association between sitting for long periods of time and an increased risk of dying – from all types of causes.

A lifestyle that is considered to be “sedentary” increases the risk for serious health complications. These include the development of certain types of cancers, the onset of diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Ironically, the risks of prolonged sitting are the same for those that are generally inactive and those that engage in exercise on a regular basis.

However, it has been found that those that move around more for each hour that is spent in the seated position can reduce their chance for developing issues with the body.

The Impact on the Back

While sitting is considered to be a “relaxing” activity, it places an immense amount of stress on the discs in the spine and the surrounding muscles. The hip flexors are tightened and pressure is placed on the gluteus maximus (buttocks muscle). The blood flow becomes restricted.

Additionally, most do not place a focus on their posture when sitting. Slouching is very common. When one slouches, the ligaments of the spine are stretched and the discs are strained.

This can transition into pressure on the discs, which can then result in bulging discs. As all of this occurs, it is likely for stiffness, pain, inflammation, and other discomforts to occur.

How to Overcome Back Problems Caused by Sitting

We all sit. In some instances, sitting is necessary – as in driving, riding, and performing our jobs. In order to overcome the back problems that may occur, the muscles must me strengthened. Those of particular interest should include the back extensors, the glutes in the abdominal region, and the scapular muscles.

It is also important to see a chiropractor in Augusta. This type of professional will help in the restoration of the muscular balance and alignment of the spine. Not only will this help in reducing pain and the negative health effects of sitting, it will also help in optimizing the posture.

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